The Brutus project was born from the aspirations of three friends and professionals to create "fashion and design" products and a brand that perfectly represents the pure, rebellious and pioneering spirit of the motorcyclist, of the motorcycle enthusiast and of historical events and races.

A "rock'n'roll" lifestyle, stoic, epic, heroic ... bordering on the legendary.

We are those who love to ride unique machines of intrinsic and undisputed value, those who have spent hours researching them, getting to know them, personalising them and sometimes building them ... consequently everything, starting from clothing, must express the same values, upholding them to the nth degree.

"Customize Yourself" is the concept that we felt the need to express ... and from there we started, combining all our past life and work experiences ... Architecture, Design, Commerce, Online and offline sales, Events, Fashion, Art and Crafts.

We have invested months and thousands of hours to work alongside the best Italian excellences with which to create a new path, innovative in solutions and at the same time respectful of traditions, we have created unique objects, in limited productions, we would dare to say ... collectible!

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