Brutus Wild Card is the Loyalty Card issued by Brutus Srls to reciprocate the loyalty shown by its customers offering them the opportunity to use privileged services and exclusive benefits.

Specifically, in addition to the services specified hereafter, Brutus Wild Card enable the Customer to activate the lifetime warranty of the products bought, ensuring them for faults, defects and non-compliance forever. 

Only the Customers in possession of Brutus Wild Card will be able to know and take part in initiatives and events which will be communicated by sending special and promotional material via e-mail, Whatsapp, text message or available on the website

At any time Brutus could modify or supplement this Regulation. Therefore the Customer is requested to check it on the website, reviewing the most up-to-date version.  


    1. Brutus Wild Card could be issued to the Customer understood as a natural person, over age, who acts for purposes unrelated to professional and enterpreneurial activities performed, and who made at least one purchase of Brutus products.

1.2 The code stored on Brutus Wild Card corresponds to a sole proprietor. Each Customer can activate only one     Brutus Wild Card. In the event that more than one card is registered to the same Customer, Brutus is empowered to proceed with the opt-out of all the Cards or with the eventual unification of all the Cards in one.   


2.1 Brutus Wild Card is totally free and can be activated after the first purchase of Brutus products, made regurarly.  

In the event of a purchase with “gift” option, an additional Brutus Wild Card will be issued and it could be activated by the gift recipient.

2.2 In order to proceed with the activation of Brutus Wild Card, the Customer will have to fill out all the required spaces of the specific registration form on the website

The Customer will necessarily have to report their personal data, the address of residence, the e-mail and the telephone number to allow Brutus to enable the operating management of the Brutus Wild Card and the delivery advantages.

The data provided by the Customer will be processed by Brutus, in quality of Responsible for data treatment, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection (UE Regulation n. 679/2016 as amended and supplemented and Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 – “Privacy Code”) as further specified in the Privacy Policy pursuant to article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 provided for the following link.  

2.3 At the end of the activation procedure, the Customer will receive an e-mail, a Whatsapp or text message to confirm the activation completion.  

If the Customer does not receive any confirmation or in case that the message received is unreadable for technical problems, they should send a report to this e-mail address:

Brutus will give a feedback regarding the problem in the shortest possible time to complete the activation procedure.

Brutus Wild Card will be sent to the address indicated by the Customer via ordinary mail. 

2.4 Only at the end of the correct finalisation of the activation procedure Brutus Wild Card could be used by the Customer, allowing them to benefit from the exclusive services and advantages reserved.

2.5 In case of modification of personal data or contacts (e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) the Customer will have to instantly communicate it to the following e-mail address:


3.1 Any use of Brutus Wild Card for other purposes than those foreseen in this Regulation are forbidden.

3.2 Brutus Wild Card could be used by its holder exclusively for private use and not even for commercial use. Otherwise Brutus will provide the instant Card opt-out, restricting the right to claim compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the behaviours contrary to this provision. 

3.3 Brutus Wild Card is strictly personal and cannot be given to thirds or used by people other than its holder.

3.4 In the event that Brutus detects fraudulent or incorrect use of the Card, that is to say the mandatory communication of incorrect or false personal data, it will proceed with opting-out Brutus Wild Card without any prior notice, restricting the right to demand for the refund of all the benefits unlawfully acquired by the Customer, in addition to the further damages suffered, reporting the fraudulent behaviour to the competent Authorities. 


Brutus is not going to be responsible for eventual malfunction of Brutus Wild Card – which involve for the holder the impossibility to take advantage of the various benefits fo the Card – not attributable to them, such as problems related to the softwer or the hardware of the Customer, necessary for its activation and management, or to the web-base network of the Customer.     


Brutus restricts the right to check the validity of Brutus Wild Card submitted and to deny it in the event that it results counterfeit, manipulated or altered. In case of counterfeiting or alteration, the Customer is not going to have the right to recognition of any benefit and Brutus restricts the right to demand for the refund of eventual advantages already acquired by the Customer.    


Brutus is entitled to limit the validity of the Card, to extend its time limits or revoke it in any time and for any reason, instantly communicating with the Customer via e-mail or text message.


7.1 In case of loss, theft or damage of Brutus Wild Card, the Customer will have to communicate it instantly to the following e-mail address: 

7.2 This business venture does not provide prize contests pursuant to the Article 6, n. 1, letter c) and letter c-bis), of the D.P.R. 26 October 2001, n.430. 

7.3 The disputes arising, connected and/or generated by this Regulation will be submitted to the attempt of reconciliation to be carried out compulsorily in front of the Coinciliation Body established by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. In the event of failure in reconciliation, the Court of Turin will be exclusively competent.

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